Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why do People keep their Kids up so Late?

I'm at Barnes and Nobles...or is it Barnes n' Nobles? last night. Trying to have some alone time, some away from kids time and wouldn't you know of all kinds of ages were there at 10:50 at night! WTF!!!!!!!!!!

I love my child dearly but I also love when its nighty nighty time for him. It's finally the time when I get to be alone with my thoughts. When I get to put on my woman meets adult brain and remember what it's like to actually be interested in things other than tractors and Thomas the Train. I watch Rachel Maddow. I get to eat adult foods like Hummus and drink a Latte. I get to talk to my husband about our business, taxes and healthcare reform. At 8:09 I finally get the tune of "Bob the Builder" out of my head and listen to some Linkin Park. Can I hear it...YES I can! (If you have ever watched Bob the Builder you will know exactly what I am talking about).

The bookstore is my escape. It's quiet. I love that people are reading and thinking. Thinking intelligent thoughts. Or so I like to think. I read books about things I couldn't even dream about during my Gymboree Sesame Street Barney freakin' day. Like bird watching, religions of the world and yes self improvement. I don't want to hear whinning, shouting or even kid like giggling. Shut the F up this is a bookstore, it shares the same rules as a library SHHHHHHHH!!!

So, I have to ask parents of the universe why oh why are your kids not in bed at 10p.m.? Or at least at their house where they can drive YOU and only you insane in the privacy of your own home? Where they belong! It’s 10:50 p.m and Yes I know where YOUR children are!!!!


Melanie said...

Yes! I second this motion! Take them home. It's adult time. How long before school starts again?!

Christie O. said...

Having the kids out and about after 8 o'clock to me is just plain cruel! My kids have the dizzy swirly-eyed look at 7 and nothing short of a cup of milk and pajamas will do at that hour; if I kept them up it would not only torture me because they turn into crazed lunatics, it'd be torture for THEM because they turn into crazed lunatics! It IS crazy! I third the motion!

It seems so odd to have kids out at a bookstore of all places at that hour too.

christy said...

because without sucky parents i'd be out of work.

ps....i believe it is barnes & noble