Monday, June 30, 2008

Spam Email-Why Me?

Where does all the spam email I get come from?
Now I'm not no computer dummy, I have a certification from Microsoft in website development. And I worked in marketing for years. I know that spam email works like the game telephone. One person/company gets my email address and passes it on ...or is bought by the next person. So i probably was looking at a website like Zappos (for shoes of course) and they gave my address to someone else. I would assume that the someone else would want my address to sell me something similar to shoes. Tell me, how on earth did this cycle get so out of control that I now get spam trying to sell me a colon cleanse? My colon is no body's business! What were the colon cleaning people thinking, "Oh lets send all the woman between the ages of 28-49 who like to buy shoes online an ad for a colon cleanse. People who like to shop online for shoes have dirty colons." And bam is that how this works?

I also get spam from the following: Wall Street Journal (like I have time to read it cause most stay at home moms do nothing else but read the newspaper at length), Medical Billing Training (thanks, I already have a job! Who told them I might be interested in Billing Training anyway?), Terminex bug people and my favorite The Four Seasons hotel (yeah i can afford that place!).

I wanna know what kind of spam have you gotten lately that makes you go huh? Why me?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

First time

So many questions, so little time! Why does the platypus look like several animals all in one? Why in the English language do we have one word that can mean different things and can sometimes be spelled differently but sounds the same? So confusing. When will someone do an intervention with Amy Winehouse? I have three words for her: train wreck and birth control. Oops that’s four. Why does chocolate taste so darn good? How did we allow George W to be elected twice? American people I ask you WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Just for the record there was a slight "problem" with me voting in both those elections. I call it sabotage.

The questions I have about people, the world and life in general are endless!

If you can find the answers please post a comment! I’m dying to know.