Thursday, August 14, 2008

What kind of crazy person flys with a toddler?

A crazy person that looks like me! And my husband.

So, superman is 18 months old and into and on top of everything. He is just curious about the world, people, cabinets and the refrigerator. We decided to take him to NJ for a family vacation. Now so called friends of mine said he would sleep during the flight. So called friends of mine who shall remain nameless said to give him his bottle during take off and landing to avoid his ears from getting blocked. But no, my child wanted no part of his milk. He did eat those little stars (God bless them) but I think someone laced them with uppers because he did not sleep AT ALL. What did he do during the long journey for two hours and 22 minutes? Poked the people's heads in front of us. He loves to go fishing for hair accessories. Turned around and made faces at the people behind us. It was cute the first six times he did it. Threw his sippy cup at the people behind us. Licked the window, arm rest and tray table. I am a total germaphobe so this horrified me! He wined, whimpered, made noise but surprisingly did not cry. He also had a big poopy diaper blowout. Thank God someone at Spirit Airlines put in a changing table in the bathroom. That was the highlight of out trip. He played with the seat belt. He tried to scale the seats and make a run for the isle. We played peek-a-boo 6 million times. Read three books over and over. And prayed to God several times.

The toys that I brought to entertain him were a complete joke. Yes, I went and bought him new toys to play with. At one point he looked at his play keys and then up at me as if to say "Are you kidding me? How boring." The DVD player with three different movies held his attention for about 3.5 seconds. I tried to pass the time by feeding him crackers, water, juice, fruit...anything that was edible and would keep him still and quiet. He played with the window shade...up...down...up...down. Repeat over and over for 8.9 seconds.

The flight was incredibly long, painfully long. We were so worried about superman bothering other passengers that when we got off the plane my husband said he thought he might throw up from him nerves being shot. If you see an adult with a toddler flying on a plane, have mercy. Have mercy on their poor souls. Because those are crazy people who will only make this mistake once.


Christie O. said...

oh nooo! i just left you an e-mail asking you how the flight was. (am i the nameless friend? did i just "out" myself?)

i'm sorry. you poor poor souls.

MsShellhorn said...

You were actually stressed out because you were worried about how the strangers' flights were disrupted? Wow. I would be more concerned about the guy 2 rows in front of me who was sneezing. I am kind of glad you are not the type of mom who would park her mini van right on top of the stop sign by the school to pick up her kid, obstructing my view of on coming traffic and giving ME lip for giving her a dirty look for disobeying the law. Some moms disregard the world around them after they have children. I believe Angelina Jolie is one of these people. She would have her driver park the Bently on top of the stop sign when picking up Madox at the school on the upper east side. Sheesh! We all gotta live is all I'm sayin!

Anonymous said...

the people who told you he'd sleep forgot to mention that you should rub a little brandy on his gums before takeoff ;)

i agree with the comment above. the fact that you were concerned with the other passengers is a complete rarity.