Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stupid Use of Words

Who determines what words are "in"?
I feel old because I don't know all of the cool words anymore. It just makes me mad. Back in my day...oh God did I just say Back in my day? That's how you know I'm old too. We said "awesome" "cool" "as if" "the bomb or da bomb" and "don't go there". Then one day that wasn't cool anymore. And you were a loser if you said it (with a big L on your forehead.) That's not cool to say anymore either. But who decided that? I mean is there a coalition of cool wordsmiths that has an annual meeting? "The coalition of cool wordsmiths will now come to order! First up on the agenda the word "Biotch". In or out? Ah, let's give it six more months and then it is officially uncool. All those in favor say I."

There are a few words that are in now and they truly annoy the piss out of me. The first one is: Super. Super is super stupid! I think Marcia used to say this on the Brady Bunch. Now I know fashion comes back around but words? It should have been left in the 70's.

I think I caught on to this one quickly: Fabulous. But can we stop with it already? I've had enough of everything slightly flashy being fabulous. Fergie had a song about this but it came out like two years ago. Kimmora, c'mon find a new term.

Going Green. Alright people I know we all want to save the planet but use of this term is getting out of hand. Get off the bandwagon and nobody gets hurt and that means you too Al.

However there is a new term that I am quite fond of: Hot Mess. I'm still not quite sure how to use it. I feel like a teenager with a learner's permit. I think it applies to women but I have seen it used for other persons, places and things. I also love the terms: Random and Interesting. Because of its general use I can apply the word "random" to just about anything that doesn't belong. And "interesting" is a perfectly PC word to use when someone says something that is stupid or nuts but you can't tell them that.

Alllrighty then (Jim Carey), peace out (not in) dudes (debatable).
If you come up with a word that is just a hot mess and you want to add it into the English language: Merriam-Webster lets you recommend a word for inclusion in their open dictionary at


Christie O. said...

I like to pick out words that have only one meaning and give it many meanings. Like the word "frothy". I love using that in sentences it doesn't belong in.

How are you doing today? Frothy.
How is the weather today? Frothy.
How do I look in this dress? Frothy.

Christie O. said...

ps. Love your blog. It's bitchin'. Oh. Is that word "out"?

NikkiBenzo said...

I would like to add a word to the dictionary: "Flatulosity" - the speed and strength at which one flatulates.

Lisa said...

Ur crazy as the day I met you! I cannot figure out how you can get your thoughts together with that cute little monster of yours! Miss ya lady

sparkle said...

douchebaggery, asshat and wanker are three of my favs. in or out, they're stellar!