Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why Are Sales People So Annoying?

Sales people are everywhere! In stores, gas stations, on the phone and yes even in your doctor’s office. When did sales people becomes such royal pain in the ass douchebags? I don’t remember it being this bad like 10 years ago. Everyone is so desperate for money because the economy is so bad, fine I get it. It’s like salespeople have all turned into the kids from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. They run up to you shouting “Wanna buy this, how bout that?” I get panic attacks just going to the mall. The people in the food court practically throw food samples at you as you walk by. Ouch, did I just get his with some MooGoo Gai Pan? One lady who did eyebrow threading at the mall yelled to me from her store that I REALLY needed to shape my brows, and she could help me. What? So insulting!

I went to the dentist today for a regular cleaning. Just a regular God. Damn. Tooth cleaning. Simple right? Na, not any more! They tried to sell me two sets of x-rays. Why two sets if I only have one set of teeth? The Dental Coordinator (that’s what it said on her name tag) told me I HAD to have the extra panoramic x-rays as well as the regular ones. I told her I was not paying for anything not covered by my insurance. She says “Well I know times are tough but we have to take care of ourselves right?” Thanks for the emotional check up Dr. Phil. Whatever, not paying for two sets. So the dentist comes in and looks at my REGULAR x-rays and tells me I have a few cavities. He leaves and “the coordinator” comes back with two separate estimates 1. The teeth cleaning and 2. The cavities to be filled. The tooth cleaning with my insurance is over $283!!!! It has crap in there like a Flex Care Dispensing Unit for $119. And Oraqix Cartridge for $20.00 What the hell is that? And to get my cavities filled is more than $230! Yes, that is WITH insurance. So, I left. With no work done, no sale made and an hour of my time wasted. I guess we’ll have to sacrifice diapers, tampons and fresh produce this month so I can get dental work done.

Even with all the extra crap taken out of the dental bill why was it so much money with insurance? Was another sales scam taking place within the insurance company too? When I got home I pulled out the paper work that I had from the dental insurance company and it says on their flyer:
Benefits NO CHARGE:
2 Routine Cleanings per year

I called our sales agent and she told me only certain kinds of cleanings, x-rays and fillings were at no charge. I argued that the flyer was misleading. It lead me to believe that all cleanings, x-rays and fillings were…NO CHARGE. I told her there should be an asterisks saying *only covers certain types. She said well if we put an asterisk next to each one nobody would buy the plan. And I said EXACTLY! Yet another rude scheming sales person!

A while back I went shopping for a dress for my sister’s wedding. I went to Ann Taylor, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Express, Bebe and Nordstrom’s. As soon as I walked into each store, I got some way overly eager beaver who screams “Hellllllooooo, Welcooome to ___!!!!” from all the way in the back of the store or fitting room. Weird isn’t it, to be greeted from so far away? I know it’s uncomfortable to have someone invade your personal space up close but it’s also strange when someone greets you from way out of your personal greeting parameter. And have you noticed that they try and strike up a conversation with you like an old friend? “How are we (what’s with the “we” when you are speaking to me?) today? What brings you into Express?” Umm I need clothes jackass! “Do you have a special occasion that you are shopping for? Don’t you just love that jacket? It would look great on you! What size are you?’ Leave me alone Ms. Cheesy, we’re not friends, not buddies and in fact you are the enemy and I know you are working on commission.

Then when you are in the dressing room they put their face up next to the door “Hi, how’s it going in there? I found a pair of jeans that would look great with that top you are trying on, do you like red?” OMG go away! I’m actually popping a zit on my back in here!!! Then when you check out at the “Cash Wrap” (not the plain old register any more) they try and snag a sale one more time. “Did you see the socks that went with your new shirt? They are on sale; buy 7 million pairs and get one free. The sale ends tomorrow. Are you sure? Allllright (waving socks in the air).” Then they ask for your phone number and email address! You want my digits and email? What are next are you going to add me as your friend on Facebook? This is why I love shopping online. If only I could get my dental work done in cyberspace.

BTW I give Flo a 9 1/2 out of 10 for annoying the crap out of me. Anyone else?


christy said...

those irritating people (they are always foreignors of some type....why is that?) that attack you as you walk by in the mall trying to sell you:

a) some weird nail treatment (and its really creepy cuz they like hold your hand and massage it and and buff your nails and stare at you the whole time like you are a piece of steak and when you say no thank you they get mad at you) or,

b) straighten your hair (like i want that thing anywhere near my head after you've used it on strangers for 8 hours already today alone)....never make eye contact with them!

anyway, those people are more annoying than flo. at least the customers in the commercial are asking flo for her help.

uncle scott said...

the mall kiosks are my favorite. i used to find them annoying until i realized that 99.9% of them begin their sales pitch the same way: "excuse me sir, may i ask you a question?"

my reply as i walk away: "you just did."

MsShellhorn said...

It's a specialized talent, but I have learned to walk through life COMPLETELY tuning everything else out. Those mall people who want to use you has a guinea pig, or as I call them, the touchers, don't bother me anymore. Sometimes I hear them call me a bad name as I walk away not acknowledging their existence.
I am VERY good at living in my own world. If anyone needs some help with this, just consume yourself in your thoughts. Just be walking and thinking, walking and thinking. The world becomes white fuzz in your peripheral vision.
For additional schooling, please call me. I"m available for consults.

Christopher said...

Hey Jennifer,

In the immortal words of our past president, "I feel your pain." Sales people are everywhere and it is difficult to read the ones who can really help you amongst the myriad of those who are out to take your money.

Annoying sales people are not only in the retail sector but the B2B markets as well.

Actually, I would suggest that businesses are bombarded with sales people more than retail shoppers. I have come up with a legitimate responses to sales people calling or walking into businesses unannounced.

1) "We only do business with vendors who do business with us, so when would you like to come in for a (chiropractor, life insurance, dental, etc.) consultation?" - This will keep most sales people away.

2) "We only do business with vendors who have been referred to us by our colleagues."

3) "Please visit our website and figure out what we do. Come back and put together a plan with 3 things you can help us with to grow our business." This is too much work for sales people, they will never do it.

4) "We are not in the market for your product at the moment. Please give us your information and we will hold on to it. We don't foresee us needing your product or service for at least 18 months." You are being really honest with the sales person. The good sales people will appreciate your honesty.

5) "Please go to http://www.ConnectionForce.com and fill out an appointment request. Here is our company code we hope to hear from you." ConnectionForce.com is a free service for offices to pre-screen and filter potential vendors saving time and frustration.

6) "We are really busy right now. Please contact us in four weeks." Most sales people will never call back because their follow up is not the greatest.

I hope this helps and thank you for your post!,