Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why does Sara Snow bug me?

Do you know who Sara Snow is? She is the guru on going green. She has her own show on T.V. called "Get Fresh with Sara Snow". It is about eating organics, embracing local businesses, composting, recycling, natural cleaning and more. It all sounds good right? Yeah, yeah, yeah I guess whatever. I think she bugs me cause she seems so darn perfect.
She is all into recycling everything. On last night's show she found a place in NYC that recycles yogurt cups (and only yogurt cups). They send them to a company that makes razors out of them. As if that wasn't enough if you send back your used razor to the company hey make park benches out of it. She also found a company that recycles used glass bottles and turns them into counter tops. And then a company who recycles clothing. Did you know polyester is made out of petroleum? But seriously, who has time to go to all these different places to recycle all this stuff. I have a hard enough time with just one or two recycling bags that I leave out at the end of my driveway. I bet this woman recycles her dental floss.
There was a segment about eating from local farms. You should only eat what was made in a 100 miles radius from your home. Great concept but with urban sprawl I have no idea where a local farm is in the area. Seriously, I have never seen one. Cows sure but a farm that produces fruit and veggies? There is a guy who sells fruit and stuff from his van on the side of the road but I just don't trust it. Call me paranoid.
She is a pretty, young 30 something, so why the annoyance with her? I don't really know. Watch her show, tell me what you think. Do you see a little Martha Stewart attitude going on? I do.


msshellhorn said...

I have never seen her but she sounds great! I am into seriously trying to do all that you mentioned. I even collected plastic bottle caps at work to turn into a store because they were making shampoo bottles out of them. Did you know the caps to your plastic bottles get removed and end up in the ocean where seals and other animals choke on them?! It's sad! Aveeno was only collecting them for a short period of time but we need to do something about this!!
Anyway, she sounds right up my alley. I'll be on the look out for her. Thanks!!

Jennifer said...

FU shellhorn!

Sara Snow said...

Oh, Jennifer, don't hate me! I'm FAR from perfect....just trying to show people what's out there. If I give people a lot of options (recycling, eco-fiber clothing, local foods) then hopefully they'll run with one or two of them, right?
Hope you don't mind the response....your blog came across my radar screen and I just had to take a second to write. ;)
Take good care,
--Sara (far-from-perfect) Snow